Track Title: Honey Bee (Let's Fly to Mars)

Artist: Grinderman

Album: Grinderman


honey bee (let’s fly to mars) // grinderman

won’t somebody touch me?
won’t somebody touch me?


nick cave offers up his gentleman skills, leonard cohen style

hat tipped a little to far there, Nick

Track Title: Jennifers Veil

Artist: The Birthday Party

Album: Mutiny + The Bad Seed


The Birthday Party - Jennifer’s Veil

Down, down over her, like a shroud…

And let her sail on the sea like a stone
Don’t touch and don’t touch
And don’t let the veil drop
Another ship ready to dock…the rigging comes loose… 

Track Title: Nature Boy

Artist: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Album: Abattoir Blues


”you said, hey, nature boy, are you looking at me with some unrighteous intention? my knees went weak, i couldn’t speak, i was having thoughts that were not in my best interests to mention”


and fuck you too, microphone stand


Track Title: Do You Love Me?

Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Album: Let Love In